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Description Of Cementitous GROUT


Cementitous Grout is A premixed, structural, non-shrink class A cement grout . An expanding non-ferrous grout consisting of a dry, premixed blend of Portland cement and graded, siliceous aggregate with set regulating and reactive chemical agents



  • Underpinning and brickwork repairs
  • Grouting of machine bases, column bases (steel and precast concrete) anchor bolts and similar grouting applications
  •  Patching holes in masonry surfaces



  • Easy to use (ready to mix powder)
  •  Easy to mix, only add water
  • Adjustable consistency
  •  Very good flow characteristics
  •  Rapid strength development
  •  Excellent bond to Concrete
  •  No Segregation or bleeding
  • High final strengths
  • Initial expansion by gas generation
  •  Impact- and vibration resistant
  •  Non-corrosive
  •  Not flammable, non-toxic
  • Shrinkage compensated


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