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Company Overview

Who Are We?

We are a construction chemicals and specialty chemicals trading house located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We sell construction chemicals & industrial chemicals . We provide system & solutions for defence & security. 

Application Services that we are offering is concrete additives , resine flooring,  repair mortar, anchoring, retrofitting, heat proof installation and vinyl flooring.

Who Are We
Company Overview

An Overview

We started our business at the year 1998 by the name of Insha Trade Corporation as a general contractor and supplier. Since then In Bangladesh we established or name as a trusted supplier & service provider of Construction Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, hi tech equipment and specialty product market. We obtain enlistment from DGDP ( Director General Defense Purchase ) and Ministries of Bangladesh.

At the year 2007 we started a dedicated business segment for construction chemicals and industrial chemicals business. At that time to till now we are importing, supplying and application of construction chemicals from world top brands manufacturer Chryso, Sherwin Williams , Flowcrete, Markchem & Uniborm.

Team Member

Md. Jahangir Alam

Founder of Company

Rear Admiral Bazlur Rahman, ndc,psc,BN (Retd)


Commodore AKM Faruque Hassan, BN (Retd)

Vice Chairman

Md. Abdur Rashid